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Dags in Archive #2 for Sale

Listed below are quality Daguerreotype images for sale. Daguerreotypes are considered the first form of commercial photography and were prevalent from 1839 to approximately 1860.

New Images were posted 03/25/2014 (NOTE: you may have to hold down the "Ctrl" key and click your web browser's "refresh" button for the latest updates)

Click on an image to see details and price.

Please visit all our Daguerreotype page(s) for additional images.

#2936 1/4 Daguerreotype, very elegant couple

click on image#3218 1/4 Daguerreotype, college classmates with their professor

click on image#2907 1/4 Daguerreotype, a mom and her two children

#3216 1/4 Daguerreotype, beautiful young lady

click on image#P0805 1/6 Daguerreotype, beautiful little doll baby
click on image#3220 1/6 Daguerreotype, good looking young man
#3217 Pair of 1/6 Daguerreotypes, husband and wife

click on image#3215 1/6 Daguerreotype, youngster sitting on a table
click on image#3219 1/6 Daguerreotype, curly haired sailor
#2999 1/6 Daguerreotype, three sophisticated young children

click on image#2597 1/6 Daguerreotype, two young brothers holding hands one with a black eye
click on image#2612 1/6 Daguerreotype, young semi-smiling gentleman
#P0332 1/6 Daguerreotype, nicely dressed cute young boy

click on image#2911 1/6 Daguerreotype, fantastic pose of a demure lady
click on image#3214 1/4 Daguerreotype, beautiful little girl

Daguerreotypes For Sale

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